da Campo Osteria

Welcome to da Campo Osteria, an unforgettable Ft. Lauderdale restaurant offering an extraordinary dining experience. We invite you to enter into a warm and enlivened atmosphere that captures the spirit of the traditional Italian osteria within a stylish, contemporary setting. Explore the essence of Italy through seasonally-inspired dishes that will seduce your palette with bold flavors, savory aromas, and undertones of the sea and the sun.

While you dine amid dazzling views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, our team of culinary artisans prepare an array of mouthwatering masterpieces. Our chefs use the finest ingredients, from succulent meats and seafood to garden fresh vegetables, luscious herbs, and aromatic spices. Each dish captures the flavors of the sun-soaked Tuscan countryside, pairing brilliantly with our collection of hand-picked wines from around the world.

Here, a meal is much more than incredible food. It’s an experience. Savor a taste of Italy in the heart of south Florida at da Campo Osteria.